After almost three years of filming episodes of CartersWAR I have been shocked to truly find how precarious the future of our wildlife is. I have walked up to a rhino, still alive, it's face brutally hacked off. I found that a million tons of bushmeat comes out of the Congo basin every year. I have found that giraffes have become exntinct in seven countries and 1000 live baby chimps are snatched from their dead mothers every 12 months! We have created the Ivan Carter Wildlife Conservation Alliance specifically to raise support for the front line of the many initiatives in Africa.

“True conservation will happen when a wildlife hero on the front line has everything they need to be fully effective – we intend to give them these tools” – Ivan Carter 

Why? It’s a question I ask myself every day. Why is this happening? Why are humans so selfish and so cruel? How can the pursuit of money lead people to engage in such terrible acts, trades and pursuits?

Most of all I ask myself, What can I do to help?

Why should I support ICWCA? The answer is in the pictures below. Each of which depicts a desperate situation and some of the wildlife heroes that are working tirelessly to make a difference to the situation. Look closely at these images and they will tell you why we need to support them. It really is that simple.

Elephants are being poached at a staggering rate across Africa and the protective agencies need support.

Too intelligent to be caged. The live chimpanzee trade is sadly also alive.

It's dead mother is the backgound, this newly orphaned baby is stable and ready to be airlifted out to the safety of an orphanage.